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Stay engaged – Make the hiring process part of your culture

Whether you’re working on improving your team’s morale or thinking of adding something to your already well-functioning group, a new hire can change the dynamic of your organization. It’s important to consider your company culture when adding new people to the mix. Here are some tips for improving staff spirit throughout the hiring process.

Explain why you’re adding someone new.
Helping your team understand why you are adding someone new to the group can go a long way. Whether your organization is expanding its services, it’s growing faster than you anticipated or you’re wanting to help employees lighten their current workload, it can be beneficial to explain to the team why a new hire is necessary.

Communication is key.
One way to boost team morale throughout the hiring process is to communicate. Whether you’re at square one or have your shortlist ready, keeping your team in the loop can help them from feeling blindsided by a sudden new hire and help them feel more involved in the hiring process. It can be as simple as an email updating employees about the current status — from how many applications were submitted to scheduling actual interviews.

Communication should not just be one way, and you should encourage dialogue. Encourage employees to send in questions and skills they think are necessary for a new team member to have. You could share resumes and portfolios of your top prospects to help them get to know the potential new hires better and to send you screening questions to ask them. This will help them feel engaged and build trust with organizational leadership.

Let some employees in on the interview process.
While you’re probably going to be screening potential job candidates on the first call or interview, consider looping some team members into any follow-up interviews. The best way to see if they fit in with your organization is to see how they interact with other employees. While you would have been able to recognize their skills and capabilities in that initial meeting, you’ll be better able to get a feel for how they will integrate with your company culture by watching their interactions with others. You can even let your team members ask them questions too. Then, have a group discussion to hear feedback on the candidate, and what stood out most to your team.

No matter the current status of your company culture, it’s important to understand that adding someone new to the group is going to change the dynamic. With these tips, you can hopefully add the extra help you need while also keeping employee morale high. If you need some extra support, ProTech can help you find highly skilled individuals to add to your team with our talent acquisition services. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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