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Taking care of business: Five scary tech problems and how you can avoid them.

October might be the spookiest month of the year, but scary technology issues happen year-round. Luckily, there are usually ways to overcome these frights or avoid them all together. Below, we outline five spine-chilling technology scenarios and what your business can do to prevent or control them.

Backup issues

We all know the feeling – you’re updating a system, but the backup or recovery is simply not working. It’s a terrible feeling and evokes an instant sensation of dread. On top of potential major data losses, these types of disasters also expose you to a higher risk of cybersecurity breaches. Because of their high risk, it’s important that businesses have plans in place to avoid or minimize these issues.

One way that business owners can mitigate recovery or backup issues is by using a professional technology service. IT strategists can help your business put systems in place to help prevent backup issues, recover data if losses occur and keep your cybersecurity intact through a stacked approach.

Wrong technology

Whether it’s workflow management or point-of-purchase applications, technology is essential to the daily function of a company. The right technology, software or hardware can make or break a business, which is why making the right choice in your platform is crucial. An incorrect choice could cause major cybersecurity issues, lost profits and a host of other scary issues.

Using a technology consultation service can help business owners not only determine what their specific business needs are, but also what the best platform is to meet those needs. Having an expert consultation can also bolster cybersecurity because a well-trained eye can spot potential issues or needs that businesses don’t notice.  

Outdated systems

Technology is constantly evolving and shifting, so current systems can quickly become obsolete. Outdated technology may seem like more of an inconvenience rather than a risk, but it can actually expose companies to major data breaches or loss depending on what the updates are.

Using a professional IT company that has technology consultation services can also help business owners stay on top of their updates. More importantly, professional IT companies can often offer continued guidance on technology solutions and planning, so critical updates are less likely to be missed.

Missing information

Have you ever deleted something without realizing its importance? We’ve all been there, and it’s a terrible feeling. Whether it’s deleting an important form or accidentally wiping out a system, businesses need a way to have access uniformly and consistently to their files, even if deleted off desktops. Cloud computing offers business owners an opportunity to minimize the risk of potential data loss by storing essential information off-site on external servers.

However, navigating the world of cloud computing is confusing and business owners often feel overwhelmed. It can be difficult to decide which service to use and how to transition the data to the new system. A professional technology services company can not only provide guidance on the best cloud computing platform, but also help your business convert the information to the new platform.

Insufficient cybersecurity

Perhaps the scariest of all the potential technology issues is a cybersecurity breach. Business owners are often unaware of potential dangers or may think that cybersecurity breaches are reserved for larger companies. Cyberattacks can happen at any time and to any business. Hackers can easily break through unsophisticated security and steal your business’ sensitive or essential information, which is why a strong cybersecurity system is critical.

The best form of protection against cybersecurity breaches is prevention. Ensuring your business is protected before potential cyberattacks is crucial to keeping your sensitive data safe. Professional technology companies can help businesses assess their risk and develop strategic, multi-tiered cybersecurity approaches to protect their sensitive information and mitigate risk of major data loss.

Technology problems can be scary, but with the right IT expert, they can be clearly solved or prevented all together. ProTech has a team of skilled engineers who are ready to assist your business with any type of technology concern, whether it’s developing preventive plans or overcoming a specific issue. Contact us today to learn how our experienced team can help your business!

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