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Tech trends for the new year

With the end of 2022 quickly approaching, have you started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? As you’re mulling over changes you want to make in 2023, consider how new technology could help you achieve your goals and put you on the path toward success! Here are three of the top technological trends for 2023 that you might want to adopt.

Digital immune systems

Gartner predicts that digital immune systems will be one of the top trends in 2023. Digital immune systems are made up of a number of different technologies and practices that, when combined together, create a stronger digital environment for your organization. Some of the practices and technologies that go into building the digital immune system are software supply chain security, chaos engineering and observability software – among others. Not only does it work to improve a user’s experience, but it also works hard to protect your technological system from failing. If your IT system does fail you, strong digital immune systems will help you recover more quickly.

Industry cloud platforms

Cloud platforms let people use different hardwares and operating systems that are all internet-based. Industry clouds take individual cloud platforms and combine them to create one big cloud system. They also add in tools that are specific to the industry in which it’s being used, which helps organizations function more smoothly and efficiently. They are best used for organizations with vertical marketing systems – those that need to rely on teamwork among different distribution channels. These systems are designed to be more easily adaptable while also having more built-in business functions. Two benefits of industry cloud platforms are addressing risks in the system and creating a deeper understanding of customer engagement.

Applied observability

Applied observability takes the data from an organization and uses artificial intelligence, or AI, to analyze the data and make recommendations. Basically, it can help organizations and businesses reduce the time it takes to respond to consumers and improve operations. This is beneficial because it uses current real-time data to make decisions that are based on evidence rather than predictions. It provides a more solid foundation for decision making.

Are you ready to start thinking about your 2023 digital changes? Every person and every business has different needs and tech goals. When thinking about your IT plan for the new year, think of ProTech. Give us a call today to set up a consultation to find the perfect technological solution for you.

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