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Top 4 Reasons to Consider an IT Partner In 2020

Top 4 Reasons to Consider an IT Partner In 2020

We start every year with resolutions: eating healthy, walking the dogs more, flossing as often as your dentist tells you to do so, and the list goes on. While we don’t call them “Resolutions,” Business leaders are setting goals and planning milestones for the whole year. And planning an entire 365 days can be quite overwhelming. But, utilizing a technology partner can help ease your mind of worries and will bolster your company’s productivity all around. Here are some reasons why an IT partner can be a valuable resource in the coming year for your business.


Business leaders are always looking for new ways to drive up productivity. Working with a partner who is focused solely on technology allows your team the time to focus on other projects without having to be concerned about the arduous process of IT, thereby maximizing your employees’ skills sets and saving time and money along the way. WIN-WIN!


Along with wanting to expand internal productivity, efficiency across the board is of the utmost importance for all business leaders. So, if you are already planning on implementing IT into your business, using a partner with a tried and true methodology is the way to go. Backed by years of experience with customers and technology, a partner can help with efficiencies within your company for years to come.

Technical support and partner services

Outsourcing a partner will both strengthen and complement existing IT resources at your business. Do you already have current software installed? Already have a team of IT workers? If so, a tech partner can still be useful.

A partner can evaluate your current IT performance and your overall goals, while providing a valuable third-party perspective to assess your companies’ needs.

ProTech is available to companies with any existing or non-existing resources. We’re here to lend a hand and our expertise while tailoring our services to each individual business.


With Cybersecurity becoming a hot topic for business leaders, ProTech offers a suite of services to help mitigate risks. In 2019 alone, we saw a massive uptick in Cybersecurity and Ransomware attacks in the country. Those attacks are prevalent and are growing.

So, as part of our best practices, we offer a comprehensive security plan, stacked security tools, and an incident response plan of action to mitigate those concerns. Utilizing a tech partner can help you better understand the complexities of Cybersecurity and can limit the possibility of attacks.

The majority of New Years’ resolutions last until about mid-February. People go back to the usual habits of eating junk food, not walking their dogs as much, and of course, not flossing on a day-to-day basis. However, if your goal this year is to better your business, consider partnering with a technology company today. The right partner will be able to advise you on risks and provide assistance, whether as a consultant or as an extension of your IT team. And with a mix of services and solutions to help clients, a partner can assist in the completion of your resolutions long past 2020.

“Innovative solutions can only happen through innovative partnerships.”

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