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Top 5 Benefits of Support Desk as A Service: Why you Should Consider It?

Running an organization or a business can be challenging and overwhelming whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in existence for a while. The challenge is further compounded when your organization is experiencing a drastic boom as you would be struggling to find a balance.

With challenges coming up frequently in the organization, you might find a hard time staying productive and staying on top of every situation. However, hiring a support desk as a service can help relieve you of the time spent trying to solve issues and boost your organization’s productivity and growth.

According to Hubspot research, in 2020, 51% of high-growth service teams rely on help desk systems. The research further reveals that 86% of service teams note that having a help desk helped improve their productivity, and the Sitecore study shows 52% of brands report that help desk technology helps them deliver better customer support relations.

Support Desk as A Service

These statistics reveal that employing the help of a support desk as a service will not only help your organization grow exponentially, it will also play a significant role in the smooth and efficient running of your organization, among other benefits.

Continue reading this article to know what a support desk as a service is and how hiring the services of a support desk as a service can bring about a positive turn-around for your organization.

Let’s get started.

What is a Support Desk as A Service?

Support desk as a Service (SDaaS) is the operating branch of an organization’s IT department focused on ensuring the smooth running of operations in an organization. Support As A Service Desk helps with solving all the problems that exist in an organization, from technical problems to system outages and many others.

Why Should You Consider a Support Desk as a Service?

Below are the top 5 benefits of hiring the services of a support desk as a service for your business or organization.

  • Single Point of Communication
  • Increased Productivity
  • Fast Problem Resolution
  • Efficient Monitoring
  • Educating Employees

Single Point of Communication

Having to call many numbers and run from one operator to another when an issue arises will slow you down and reduce your work productivity and efficiency. However, when you employ the service of an efficient support desk, getting the help, you need when issues arise in the organization is not only easier but faster because it provides a single point of contact, also known as SPOC.

According to Finances Online Review for business, customers measure a good customer service experience by an organization’s ability to resolve their problems in a single interaction and if a knowledgeable representative can provide quick assistance. ProTech SDaaS has a simple three-step process: question, request, and complaints. This doesn’t only improve your work efficiency but also enables you to provide a good service experience to your customers.

Increased Productivity

Your employee’s ability to perform tasks without hassle gives room for higher productivity which ultimately boosts your organization’s growth. By employing the services of the ProTech services group help desk, your employees won’t have to abandon tasks and projects to tackle issues as our help desk would efficiently carry out troubleshooting issues for your organization. Our SDaaS can take communication between your team members to the next level and ensure all obstacles are removed.

Fast Problem Resolution

Problems are a major factor that hampers the growth of an organization. However, encountering problems as an organization is normal and inevitable, and what organizations who desire to attain and maintain growth need to do is to have a support desk that helps resolve problems in real-time to ensure growth.

ProTech services group is an IT desk that facilitates problem management.  As technology experts, when issues come to our Support desk, they are analyzed and solved in no time.  So, instead of spending hours trying to solve problems alone, our help desk helps you solve problems effectively and quickly so you can focus on other productive activities that would move your organization forward.

Efficient Monitoring

At Protech, we handle all issues that may arise in your organization, but we don’t shut you out of the process. Using our support desk, you get complete transparency in our services. We give all our clients complete freedom to monitor our performance and how we work to resolve their problems.

Educating Employees

A support desk gives you the knowledge you need to tackle future issues, which enables you to handle similar situations better whenever they arise in the future.

Every time one of your team members asks for a solution, our help desk support can store that information for you for future reference purposes. Our aim is to help all our clients save valuable time and money. If a similar problem ever takes place next time, you already have the solution at your disposal.


The ProTech Services group is a forefront technology provider and business consulting company. We are committed to helping businesses and organizations leverage technology to achieve Growth, Profitability & Security.  Among other functions, we offer a support desk as a service solution to all organizations and businesses that aim to increase their profitability and attain growth. Below are our offerings:

SDaaS protech offerings

L1, L2 & L3 support issues: We are a team of highly qualified engineers, and we help you with all your L1, L2, and L3 issues efficiently.

Bi-lingual Support: We put an end to the communication barrier and provide Bi-lingual support 24/7 on demand.

Readily available L4 engineers: Our L4 expert engineers are always on call for the entire 24 hours of each day of the year.

Fully manned SLAs: We provide a fully manned service with committed SLAs for every 24 hours of each day of the year.

The U.S Based: We are a 100% U.S based service group.

All in All

Investing in an SDaaS can make your business operations more efficient and bring you convenience as a business owner. If you are looking for answers or want to learn more about SDaaS and its benefits, please call us at ProTech. We offer free consultations and discuss various product offerings. Call us today at 901.767.7550.

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