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Top 9 Benefits of Using Managed IT Services for Reopening Your Workspace

You may have been cautious in the past to explore managed IT services, but there has never been a better moment to work with a managed service provider than now. With everyone still feeling the effects of COVID-19, managed IT services could be exactly what you need to get your business back on track. Not only can managed IT services increase productivity and reduce spending costs, but it can also transform the entire framework of your business. Managed IT services can help you handle any IT task or comprehensive tech project that requires expert strategy. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 hit, there has been a significant increase in cybercriminals that tend to take advantage of remote workers and any small errors in cybersecurity. Using managed IT services decreases the risk of cyberattacks. This article explains the top 9 benefits of using managed IT services for reopening your workspace.

Tips for Reopening Your Workspace 2022 ProTech

1. Improved Security

When using managed IT services, a managed IT service provider manages most of your business security risks. Managed IT service providers are aware of the standards of an industry and their requirements. Many small businesses are unaware of the potential threat of a cybersecurity attack to their network. By using a managed service provider, they can ensure complete protection of your network and eliminate any security gaps. Protech is a managed IT service provider that offers a variety of solutions to meet each business’s needs. They offer a suite of services to help you reduce potential security risks to your business. This is beneficial when reopening your workspace, since it reduces the risk of a cyberattack.

2. Affordable

Managed IT services have low upfront costs, and a fixed monthly price that fits your business needs. The process of hiring, training, and retaining an IT staff is often expensive, so using a managed IT service saves you time and money by eliminating these costs. This is often beneficial to most small businesses that may have limited resources. Networks come with a lot of equipment that requires maintenance and may sometimes need to be repaired or replaced. A managed IT provider provides maintenance as well as any repairs as part of the contract, which could save you thousands of dollars.

3. Scalability

Scaling networks requires significant coordination, manpower, and updated equipment. It’s a hefty expense for any company, and it often distracts an IT team’s focus off of other important in-house functions like security. Managed services can expand or upgrade systems when you need to, which can end up saving you time and money by not having to hire and train employees that you won’t need later on. Reopening your workspace can be stressful, but by using managed services you can end up saving money and time. In addition, a managed service provider has the resources to scale quickly and efficiently as your workspace expands, which minimizes downtime and decreases expenses.

4. Improved Quality of Work

Managed IT services maintain a roster of certified professionals that go through rigorous training and certifications. This can ensure that the customers receive the best possible service. A well-trained, managed IT service team can perform many tasks that your in-house staff cannot. Managed service providers often have flexible schedules to work around yours. This means the providers can often perform IT tasks during off-hours, which can lead to greater uptime and less workflow interruptions. When reopening your workspace, you will be faced with some IT challenges. One challenge you may face is preparing your IT in-house department for the reopening. Many employees have become comfortable with working from their home. Transitioning back to the workspace can result in your employees feeling overwhelmed. A managed service provider can reduce the workload and stress of your in-house team by managing your day-to-day tasks on autopilot, and assisting your in-house team manage tickets, security platforms, projects, and much more.

5. Improved Compliance

Compliance regulations and standards help to protect an individual’s rights. Compliance plays a major role in scaling your business quickly, and in avoiding costly fines. Managed IT services handle the burden of compliance, so your in-house IT staff doesn’t have to. The trained professionals can ensure that your systems are compliant with local and global rules and standards. A managed service provider handles the complexities of compliance and auditing for you, so you don’t violate any data security regulations. They also run reports and conduct audits to ensure your workspace is meeting all the requirements which could end up saving a company thousands of dollars in the long run.

6. 24/7 Support

Managed IT services use remote monitoring technology to monitor your systems. Without constant monitoring, a network issue is likely to happen during off-hours. If this happens, it could potentially take some time before anyone finds out. If the issue isn’t fixed immediately, it could result in significant damage. A managed service provider takes instant corrective action if they receive an alert that you have a network issue.

7. New Technology

Technology is constantly improving. In IT, technology is one of the biggest costs. Updating equipment can be frustrating and costly for your business. Managed services give you constant access to up-to-date technology. The cost of system upgrades is factored in your managed service provider’s fee. This is beneficial because handling the same project in-house could take weeks or months to hire the right employees, train them, and provide them with the support they need. This could result in a major expense for your business.

8. Reduced Risks

When reopening your workspace, you could be faced with many risks due to government regulations, financial conditions, market conditions, and evolving technologies. A managed service provider manages much of the risks for you, especially with security and compliance issues. With their level of expertise, they are aware of how to avoid potential risks. Managed services are proactive, and reduce the risk of your business becoming the victim of a breach. Your managed service provider can implement the appropriate defenses to mitigate any vulnerabilities to your network. A secure system allows you to build trust with your clients, and encourages them to do business with you.

9. More Time To Focus On Your Business

Using a managed service provider will give your IT team more time to focus on more important business objectives. Your in-house IT team is usually helping users with various tasks such as, fixing basic errors, and dealing with equipment malfunctions. So they don’t have the time or focus to work on pushing your business forward. Using managed services can help by redesigning workflows, updating all your equipment, and automating certain tasks, which can take the stress away from your in-house team.

There are many great benefits of using a managed IT service when reopening your business. Managed IT services could just be what your business needs to advance to the next level. The managed IT provides can help you resume your business operations quickly and get your workspace back up in order.

IT services for Reopening Your Workspace 2022
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