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Top Tech-Related Talent Acquisition Trends for 2020

IT is no longer looking for employee’s that meet their temporary position needs, but rather, on finding great employees that will enhance and grow with the company in the long term. Through modern technology and with a greater concentration on the employees themselves, companies are rethinking their tech-related talent recruitment process and will likely involve the following four trends:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • With the increasingly advanced technology, staffing agencies can gather data from human resource teams and hiring managers to predict the hiring needs of organizations including what talent is needed, when it will be needed and from where it will be recruited. The future of recruiting, will incorporate a greater emphasis on proactive recruitment, meaning companies will reach out to potential candidates even before the position becomes available in order to create an interest in their organization among candidates. Unlike reactive recruiting, which involves engaging in candidates only once there is demand for the position to be filled, proactive recruiting allows companies to create relationships and to source the best talent available.
  • Smart Technology
  • Staffing agencies are beginning to take advantage of the power of intelligent technology such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation. With these tools, agencies can create a technology platform with automated application tracking and onboarding, allowing human involvement to be more directly focused on engagements with candidates.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Companies will invest greatly in diversity and inclusion programs within their workplace. Companies will evolve their diversity quotas and their statements that “commit to” greater diversity and inclusion to instead establish more tangible efforts and practices, for instance, by incorporating diversity into their business model. And these efforts will begin with more inclusive recruiting programs and practices, such as by using diversity-focused recruitment tools and more sensitive language.
  • Enhanced Employee Experience
  • Companies recognize the importance of retaining their best employees, and as a result are beginning to place significant emphasize on creating experiences for employees. Beginning from the recruitment phase, employers create experiences in four main areas: relationships, physical workplace, the work itself, and processes and technologies. By creating an engaging and empowering experience for employees, organizations can increase retention, lessen turnover and construct an employee base that develops with the company

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