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Your Office 365 Investment

Everyone is talking about the cloud and the importance of migrating your business to some version, whether it’s hybrid, private, or public. While the cloud can seem overwhelming, moving your Microsoft business tools is a great way to start your migration.

More than Just Email

When discussing Office 365 (O365) with our clients, we typically discover that they only see O365 as an email tool because of Outlook. And while that is an important function of the O365 suite, it is far from the only feature available.

Microsoft’s O365 suite is designed to help employees across all job functions and assists with cross collaboration and team building.

In addition to Microsoft’s email services, you receive cloud and local versions of all your business essentials such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. These applications are the tools that businesses are most familiar with and utilize on a daily basis.

Outside of your most well-known business essentials, O365 offers several tools to aid with collaboration within departments and across your company. O365 Teams is a great tool for sending status updates or discussing a group project without bogging down your inbox. Planner is an excellent option for planning and project mapping when you have various team members with lots of moving parts to a project. And Microsoft’s OneNote application is a great way to store communal or private information that allows you to organize everything with a binder-like structure.

Microsoft has also built in an online file storage solution that allows for the creation of a company file structure accessible by everyone and a personal file drive that holds your personal documents. SharePoint is meant to act as a central location for all company-affiliated documents while OneDrive is private.

While these are some of the most popular applications in the O365 suite, there are many more that provide business value to help your organization succeed.

Get things Done from Anywhere

With Office 365, employees are no longer tied to desktop computers or forced to connect via VPN. O365 is cloud-based, allowing access from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Employees can search the company SharePoint, check the status of a project, and communicate with in-office colleagues, all from one dashboard.

O365 allows greater flexibility when hiring, as work-from-home becomes much easier. Additionally, employees that travel regularly can quickly get to work without having to remote into your network environment.

Is my Data Safe?

Office 365 is designed to meet various compliances specific to industry, government and global requirements, including HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC 1 and SOC 2.

But, if you’re still concerned about the security of data on various devices, Enterprise Mobility, sold as an add-on, features additional security and device management.

That’s a Lot

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the various tools and functionalities within O365, reach out to us. ProTech has a dedicated trainer to assist clients and leverage the most relevant programs to meet their unique business needs.

Still need to migrate? Our engineers are experienced with migrations and can help build a plan that works for your business contact us today.

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