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Technology is an important part of every business, and by utilizing a technology service provider you can ensure that your technology is up-to-date and able to support your operations. Our team of engineers is focused on implementing the best solutions to support your business and help you reach your IT and business goals.

ProTech’s team has experience with enterprise-level hardware solutions but is also familiar with the struggles that SMBs encounter. Regardless of your size or knowledge of technology, ProTech has resources that are available and ready to help you. We can assist with overhauling your network with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations and also provide training to your employees so they understand new systems.

Our technology and consulting services are designed to assist businesses with various aspects of their technology strategy. We work with you to understand your budget and goals and build a unique technology plan to help you achieve them. Our team offers skillsets across technologies and can provide guidance or hands-on help with any project.

The ProTech team is ready to provide you with superior IT services built on an understanding of your unique business needs. Connect with us today to take advantage of our networking skills, consulting services, cloud options, training sessions and more.

Technology services


Network Services

ProTech is a carrier-neutral, channel partner offering solutions for voice, Internet, network and cloud objectives. Our dedicated Carrier Services Manager focuses on your business needs and researches multiple options to provide you with the best overall solution.



Our team is comprised of technology experts with varying specialties, which allows us to provide consulting services on any project your team is planning. ProTech is available to educate and advise your team and provide insight while you handle planning and implementation.



Technology projects require planning, and large projects can have many different components. It can be a lot to manage, which is why ProTech provides experts that can help you create a comprehensive plan to ensure that your project stays on track with minimal issues.



A properly designed technology project ensures that every component is working efficiently to provide the best value. ProTech’s engineers understand technology design and are skilled at designing solutions that include contingency routes and perform optimally.



ProTech’s engineers have experience with various solutions and are skilled at implementing them into existing or new network environments. Our engineers can handle your complete implementation or work with your existing team to fill in skill or knowledge gaps.



ProTech works with today’s leading technology solution providers allowing us to offer competitive pricing and multiple options. Our procurement team can help you assess your needs, order hardware and track your technology.