Collaboration-Unified Communications

Collaboration-Unified Communications

Collaboration is more than a technical architecture, solution, or product. It is the experience that integrates people, processes, and technology.

An organizational chart gives you hierarchy, but it doesn't represent real business collaboration. That has to come from how people actually interact inside, outside, and across the organization. Finding ways to improve the connections between people and the information they need to share is critical to improving business.

The New Collaborative Environment

Opportunity comes from the combination of technology and people. The collaborative workspace environment gives people the flexibility to be where they need to be to do the best work they can.

Cisco uses an architectural approach, integrating mobility, video, and cloud to bring people together anytime, anywhere, on any device. Connect employees, customers, and suppliers to make decisions, resolve customer issues, or address supply-chain challenges. The architecture cost-effectively supports scalability, security, and accessibility. The Cisco collaboration strategy and architecture account for not only the technology, but also for what it means to your processes and culture.

Implement collaboration solutions to:

  • Flatten organizational hierarchy and better communicate with all levels of the organization
  • Elevate and personalize communications to improve the quality and speed of decisions
  • Save time, simplify workflows, and increase workforce interaction and productivity
  • Build trust and understanding across time zones and within teams through video communications
  • Improve customer responsiveness by facilitating faster access to experts and information

In addition to productivity improvements, these solutions can help you reduce travel, real-estate costs, and greenhouse gas emissions by supporting virtual meetings and telecommuting.