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Keeping Remote Work Safe and Secure through Cybersecurity


While the number of employees working remotely has grown by as much as 91% over the past ten years, this number has dramatically and suddenly increased due to the recent restrictions placed on employees during these unprecedented times.With many employees currently working remotely, it is more important now than ever to consider upgrading your cybersecurity programs to protect your business from the threats brought on by working from home.

There are a variety of security solutions that can protect your sensitive data and secure your devices. Such solutions include VPN’s, Endpoint Protection, and Cloud App Security, all of which are especially effective at protecting your network and remote devices and ensuring secure data transfers.


A VPN is a virtual private network. This network creates point-to-point connections between devices through a public network. This connection utilizes a public network for its convenience,however, with the use of encryption, it provides the same safety and security as if it were connected through a private network. A VPN creates a “data tunnel” allowing devices to share information from remote locations while remaining hidden from hackers and other threats.


With Endpoint Protection, businesses can protect end-user devices, such as laptops and mobile devices, from potential breaches that risk the security of an entire network. This is especially important considering more people are currently using their own devices which may lack the necessary security software and leave the network vulnerable to hackers. By protecting the individual endpoints, the entire network is much more secure. The endpoint devices are protected by a centrally located and managed security system within the network and require authenticated logins for users to access the company network.


The Cloud is an alternative method of storage that does not rely on bulky and expensive servers, but instead stores all data in an offsite location. Data stored in the cloud is accessible from any location which allows companies to maintain business continuity and productivity while working remotely. Cloud services are scalable, meaning that as your company grows, the cloud can be expanded to handle your business’s growing needs. This makes it a much more cost-effective solution as you decide how much storage is necessary for your business.ProTech’s Cloud App Security offers enhanced storage functionality with top security certificates, multiple data centers, firewalls and virtual local area networks.

With our stacked security approach, ProTech will work with you to design an effective cybersecurity plan personalized to your specific needs. As part of our approach, our experts will identify threats, protect users, detect possible attacks, respond to breaches, and recover data.

Contact  our Security Services team to learn more about our Cybersecurity bundle services.