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Preparing for a Pandemic



Is Your Business Prepared for a Global Event?


The CDC is currently responding to the outbreak of a new coronavirus, abbreviated COVID-19. This event is expected to have an impact on U.S. businesses. At ProTech, we want to make sure your business is prepared for a pandemic illness, should COVID-19 evolve into that.

Understanding Your Business Impact

The CDC is recommending that every business understand the impact that this type of event could have on their organization. In the event of a pandemic, do you know how much money your business can lose by being down? Have you completed a business impact analysis? Do you have a plan in place for remote work? Is your business capable of having employees work remote?

ProTech’s consultant can help you understand the tangible impact that your business will face and analyze the risks.

Disaster Recovery Plan

While we often discuss disaster recovery plans in regard to natural disasters, fires and floods, illness outbreaks are a definite consideration. A disaster recovery plan outlines your business’s plan of action in the event of a catastrophic occurrence. It should answer questions like:

How will we serve our customers with a reduced staff?
How long will our business be down before our employees can return to work?
Are employees equipped to securely work from remote locations?

These, along with others, are major concerns when a business is not able to operate normally. If you don’t currently have a disaster recovery and continuity plan in place, contact us to help you build your plan.

ProTech Can Help You Prepare for an Outbreak

ProTech can help your business develop a disaster recovery and continuity plan, implement secure remote work practices, develop policies and procedures and order critical hardware. Message us below for help preparing for an illness outbreak.

    Remote Work

    In the event of a pandemic illness employees will need to work from remote locations in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Have you provided your users with the technology they need to work remotely? Additionally, does your business have the IT systems in place that would allow your employees to work from anywhere securely?

    This is where cloud computing and mobile devices can benefit your business tremendously. For help with implementing technology to support remote work, contact us.

    Policies and Procedures

    Your business should have a set of policies and procedures in place that detail how specific tasks are handled in the event of an emergency situation. Your policies and procedures should also detail which employees are responsible for what tasks. You may also need to outline which tasks or operations are to take priority in the event of disaster or outbreak situation.

    In addition to business operations, the CDC is recommending that businesses implement hygiene policies in an effort to prevent the spread of disease.

    ProTech’s strategic business technology consultants are skilled at creating policies, procedures, and general plans that make sense for your business. Contact us to get started on yours.

    Supply Chain Velocity

    Velocity and responsiveness within the supply chain is another major concern for U.S. businesses. We are already beginning to see a slowing within the supply chain related to technology manufacturers. As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads we anticipate that this will continue.

    In light of that, we are recommending anyone that needs to update their hardware or has been waiting to do a technology refresh, begins to move forward with those orders. Even after the outbreak is contained and eradicated, it will create backlogs as production attempts to catch up.

    If you need to place a hardware order or are looking to refresh your technology solutions, contact us now.



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