We want to be sure that no matter the circumstances, your team can always perform their daily business duties. ProTech's continuity solutions keep your business operating in the face of adversity so you don't experience costly down time.

Managed and Monitored Backup and Disaster Recovery

ProTech's backup and disaster recovery solution encrypts your data and backs it up to two offsite data facilities that meets industry standard certifications. Our engineers are checking daily for issues and making sure that your data is always backed up. 


Managed and Monitored Business Continuity

Business continuity is crucial for businesses. If you ever suffer from malware, Ransomware, or a disaster, ProTech can quickly virtualize your server and pull up your data both locally and in the cloud, while we remediate, so your team can keep working. 


Email Continuity

Our email continuity solution allows emails to be held when your mail server is down due to repairs or unplanned outages. This prevents your from losing emails and your clients from receiving bounce back messages.