15+ Tech Toys to add to your Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is upon us which means you're hunting for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. In anticipation, the ProTech team put together their technology wish list - here's what we're asking for this year. 

Home Automation Systems

Who doesn't want their heat, AC, doors and lights to be controlled via voice command? Just make sure you securely link your devices to avoid hackers and DDoS attacks.

Voice Assistants

You'll need something to control all your super cool, new smarthome features. There are two clear options for voice assistatnts. 

Amazon Echo with Alexa

Amazon just released several new versions of the Echo with various features, like the Spot and Show which both feature interactive screens. Show also offers a style assistant to help you look great for all your holiday parties. 

Google Home Mini

Not only do you have access to the most powerful search engine in the world, but the Google Home Mini can also help you control your smart home features and manage your schedule. And with the stylish and small design, it can literally fit anywhere in your home. 

Smart TV

Everyone is cutting the cable cord! You're going to want to invest in a Smart TV so that you can watch all your favorite streaming networks like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix. 

Apple TV 4K

Attach the AppleTV to your TV and immediately begin streaming your favorite shows in 4K quality. You'll have access to top content apps right through your television. 

Speaker Systems

Got an audiophile on your list? A quality speaker is a great addition to any home and these options are awesome. 

Bose SoundTouch 300 soundbar

Great sound in a slim package. The Bose SoundTouch is one their best soundbars to date. Plus, if you need a little more oomph, you can add an additional bass or create surround sound with additional speakers. 

Sonos One with Alexa

If you're looking for quality sound with a voice assistant included, the Sonos One has it all. You get all the functionality of Alexa with quality sound for your playlists. What more could you ask for?

Robotic Vacuums

Vacuuming is a dreaded chore, so why not let a robot take care of it while you're at work.

iRobot Roomba

The Roomba will vacuum your entire home with the push of a button. It automatically recharges and docks itself. Plus, there are tons of accessories, like this DirtDog brush that we'll definitely be adding to our cart. 

Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition

If you want a little more fun while you clean, Samsung's Star Wars POWERbot is the perfect fit. Not only is it a great vacuum with WiFi connectivity, but it looks like Darth Vader and features sound effects from the movies!

Mobile Devices

With all the new releases, these devices were sure to show up on our list. 

iPhone X

The iPhone X is the talk of the town since its reveal in September. The newest iPhone offers features like facial recognition and edge-to-edge screens not found in previous Apple devices. 

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is a premier tablet - it functions as a stand-alone computer in a smaller package. And with the latest iOS updates, the interface is more seamless than ever. 

Google Pixelbook

The Pixelbook is incredibly versatile with four ways to use the device. It's the perfect laptop-tablet hybrid for work and play. 


Smart watches are a great way to track your fitness progress or stay connected on the go. With so many options, you're sure to find one that fits your needs. 

Apple Watch Series 3

The newest smart watch from Apple encompasses everything you need in a wearable, including cellular connectivity - make calls and send texts from your wrist. Plus, active wearers will love that it's waterproof and connects to your favorite fitness apps. 

Samsung Gear S3

If you prefer the look of a classic watch, the Samsung Gear S3 is a great option. It includes 4G LTE, Samsung Pay, GPS, and access to your Android apps.

Misfit Ray

Looking for a wearable that's focused on fitness? The Misfit Ray is a great choice. It tracks sleep patterns, steps, calories burned and overall distance. And while it doesn't replace your phone, it does offer vibration notifications for calls and texts.


Keep track of all your gadgets and valuables with these great gift ideas. 


Tile is the perfect stocking stuffer for the person that is constantly losing their things. The RFID tags work with a phone app to help locate your stuff with a ringing alarm or GPS coordinates. Plus, if you lose your phone, just click the tile to ring your phone.


With all your new toys, you'll need somewhere to store it all. The Grid-It has tons of different layouts to keep everythign neat and organized. 

Just for Fun

Technology isn't always about functionality, sometimes its just fun!

DJI Mavic Pro Camera Drone

Drones were a popular item on the ProTech wish list. This particular drone is a high-end model with a camera feature. If you're new to drones, we suggest starting with something less sophisticated. 

Virtual Reality Headset

The Playstation VR is a tethered headset that offers a better virtual reality experience than other devices. It works with the PlayStation 4 and can be used for VR or regular games. 

Sphero R2-D2 Droid

We're big Star Wars fans, in case you couldn't tell. Artoo can be controlled by your phone or will patrol on his own. He features authentic movement, holographic simulation and an integrated speaker with authentic beeps and boops!

The ProTech team is super excited for the holidays; we hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. And if you're feeling generous, send us something too!
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