Cisco can streamline and secure your data center

Data virtualization is an agile data integration method that simplifies information access. Gaining more insight from your data allows you to respond more quickly to those constantly changing analytics. 

Your workflow is filled with copious amounts of data and in order to fully gain the maximum amount of value from that data, you must be able to simply export and digest the data to achieve better business outcomes and outmaneuver your competition.

Below are a few key ways that a streamlined data process can benefit you and your data center.

Improve network agility

To respond to ever-changing analytics and intelligence requirements, businesses in today's technologically driven world need to obtain data quickly and in a secure environment. Virtual data is up to 10 times faster than traditional data integration.
Faster data means a faster response and a faster response is the key to beating out your competition.

Accelerate your Cloud ROI

Often times when businesses are able to eliminate data replication, they are able to save more than 50% on data cost. Data virtualization will allow more room on your current server and storage set­up — and, after all, the whole idea behind data virtualization is the desire to reduce complication in order to save time and money.

  • When your business is able to gather and respond to information more quickly, you will be able to increase revenue while reducing cost. There is also a decrease in risk, as you can reduce compliance penalties and be alerted more quickly to business risk through streamlined data. 
  • Data Virtualization allows you to maximize the use of existing server and storage environments, greatly reducing your cost for hardware and management. 
  • When you make it easier for your IT staff to get to your data, it can lead to higher levels of productivity, increased profitability and a higher return on investment. 
Secure virtual desktop environments

As business leaders, we’ve all felt the loss of productivity due to inclement weather, natural disasters or other issues that affect our team's ability to get to work. Also, as workforces are changing over to a younger generation, more and more employees are looking for the flexibility to work from home or from remote environments.

A secure virtual desktop environment can handle both of these issues:
  • It saves you thousands of dollars in lost productivity due to absenteeism
  • It provides the flexibility that helps attract and retain talent from all over the globe.

Providing your team with the flexible environment that a virtual desktop provides will keep your business at high productivity when nature takes its course — leaving your competition at home playing in the snow.

Prepare your data center for growth

Once you are ready to explore a virtual data center, the first step is to think about architecture and scalability. The IT Pros at ProTech are here to help with these steps all the way through implementation.

We will build a center for you that is secure, adaptable to cloud environments, supports your business growth and streamlines your operational processes. Every day that you wait, you’re losing money. Now is the time to go virtual.

To learn more about how the virtual data center will fit your business, contact our network solutions team.

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