Techtober - Engineer Appreciation Month

As a technology company, our engineers could not be a more integral part to our success. Our engineers are the ones that trouble-shoot problems, find innovative solutions, and implement ideas into our clients’ technology environments. When they are successful, our company, as a whole, is successful.

For this reason, ProTech is renaming the month of October as Techtober to celebrate our engineers! We, as a company, are truly appreciative of the hard work each engineer puts in every day. Many work long hours and weekends to ensure that each client is taken care of and their business is secure. This dedication to excellent service does not go unnoticed.

If you know a ProTech engineer, be sure to thank him or her this month for all the work they put in year round. ProTech is so excited to celebrate them this month and is thankful for all they do for our company.

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