Tips on Choosing an Expert Technology Provider

So often businesses try to take a ‘good enough’ approach when it comes to technology. Our computers work so, “It’s good enough.” Nothing is broken so, “It’s good enough.” But the reality is most ‘good enough’ technology isn’t very good at all – in fact, it could be detrimental to a business in crisis.

You wouldn’t settle for good enough when it comes to your core business so why settle with your technology? Utilizing IT experts is an easy way to take control of the technology solutions that support your business. But what makes a technology provider a true expert? There are three things that are essential for IT expertise.

Vendor Relationships

Your technology provider should understand each technology solution they offer and how it works to support different businesses. Many providers simply take orders – the client requests a specific solution and the provider orders and delivers the product. But, by understanding each solution and its role in the network, your provider can help pinpoint the best solution for your business.

Look for a provider who thoroughly vets all their vendor partners to ensure that they’re only delivering the best available solutions. The provider should focus on offering top performing solutions and working with those selected partners. A working relationship with specific partners is critical for a technology provider; it should be an ongoing conversation that fosters feedback.

Entrusting your business technology to a provider that understands the solutions and can ensure that the best choice is implemented takes the pressure off you. A good IT provider allows you to spend your valuable business time focusing on your bottom line, not attempting to troubleshoot with vendors.  

Solution Experts

When choosing and implementing a solution, it is important that you have someone that is an expert in that area. Look for a provider that has a team of solution experts with various specializations. A quality provider will ensure that their team has continuous training and necessary certifications to stay up to date on new technology and solutions, helping your business grow and evolve.

Another consideration is training across technology disciplines. There will inevitably come a day when the top solution expert is unavailable. Cross-training allows specialized engineers to train other team members on the solution ensuring that your business is always taken care of.

Refresh Management

Keeping up with each deployed technology solutions’ end of life or refresh date can be overwhelming. An expert provider will be able to manage that aspect by keeping track of each date along with any discontinued solution updates that you may not be aware of. They should also, in most cases, be able to automatically push updates to your solutions without interrupting your business operations.

The best providers consider milestone dates as they evaluate your current solutions and determine if your business should consider implementing other options. By working closely with your business and understanding how you utilize these solutions, your provider can offer suggestions for future deployments and recommend replacements when the time comes.

Expert technology providers aren’t always easy to find, but taking the time to research your provider saves time and effort in the long run.

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