Why Office 365? Security, Storage and Collaboration!

Wondering if Microsoft 365 could be a fit for your business or organization?

What’s the biggest IT headache around your company? Storage space? Outdated apps or conflicting versions? Employees either chained to their desks or out of reach? Management who are cloud-shy because of perceived security issues? IT team spending too much time on patch maintenance, upgrading? Network downtime?

These issues are addressed with Microsoft Office 365. Since it’s cloud-based, all of the Office applications are accessible from anywhere with a network connection. The latest Microsoft Office apps are also installed to allow work offline.

Get monthly security updates and releases on new Office 365 features.

Users of Office 365 say one of the biggest advantages is the frequent updates to security and quick access to innovative new features and capabilities. Users get new version releases quickly without having to wait around until a decision comes down or enough money in the budget allows upgrading.

There are even monthly update videos on Microsoft's Office YouTube channel!

There’s no such thing as too much storage with Office 365 storage capabilities.

When desktop hard drives began to come in gigabytes instead of megabytes, desktop storage seemed almost unlimited. But access to that storage required a connection to the office network. Thumb drives came along and made it easy keep files handy, as long the right documents were loaded to them. With Office 365 all users get a terabyte — that’s about one trillion bytes, or 1,000 gigabytes — of storage on One Drive.

And, the storage is online, so it’s easy to share with people in or outside your company, or access the files from any online location, with or without a VPN connection to your desktop.

Security worries keeping you up at night? 

Office 365’s applications use 128-bit SSL/TSK encryption so even if your files get grabbed during transmission, they’re not readable. This can help relieve the stress that comes from knowing important company data is being accessed from multiple devices, platforms, and places. The Microsoft Office 365 environment can be customized based on your company’s specific needs.

Not only that, it is constantly maintained, enhanced, and verified with redundancy at every layer. Interested in reading more in-depth information about Microsoft’s security for Office 365 for Windows 10

Is your team scattered around the city (or state or world)? Office 365 offers collaboration.

One of the biggest advantages of Office 365 is the ability to work online from anywhere. This greatly enhances team collaboration. Teams can keep in sync with features like multi-party HD video, content sharing, and shared calendars.

Compatibility: why can’t our documents just get along?

Multiple versions of key documents floating around can cause some major headaches — Microsoft 365 allows the user to control who sees and edits a document. All users are working together on one document to add and track content or comments. This saves considerable time on back-and-forth in email and confusion on who has the very latest version of a file.

Having all users on the same software version can also save time — no more issues because a document was created in a newer version and not saved in compatibility mode.

Most businesses can’t afford to upgrade all employees’ operating systems at one time. Office 365 has that covered too – it’s even compatible with all the way back to Windows XP (SP3).

Here are some system requirements for Microsoft Office 365.

Single sign-on: one less password to remember.

If your network runs Server 2008 Active Directory, you can configure it to allow users to log on to the domain and be automatically authenticated to Office 365. It’s not exactly a true single sign-on but it does combine users’ passwords for Active Directory and Office 365.

Want Microsoft Office Exchange but don’t have Exchange Server 2010?

It’s a hit to the budget and takes some overhead to deploy Exchange Serve 2010, but with Exchange online you can still get the benefits. Exchange Online is available as a standalone but you can also get it as part of an Office 365 Plan that includes Office, SharePoint and Skype for Business.

Interested in learning more about Microsoft Office? Contact our Microsoft team, today!

Posted by Becky Babineaux at 9:15 AM
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