What If I Need Email Security?

We send emails constantly throughout the day. We communicate with colleagues, clients, prospects, and our favorite stores and news outlets, and most of us do so from one inbox. That inbox houses vitally important information that could potentially cause issues for your business if it ends up in the wrong hands. Your email solution should provide you with basic services that protect your business while maintaining productivity.

ProTech’s email solution provides you just that. We ensure that your data is protected from various different threats in the background while you work.

Spam Filtering

Those emails that are offering free tickets to the newest movie premiere or a million-dollar payout from a Nigerian prince are pretty easy to spot. But, what about an email that looks like it’s coming from your President that wants you to open an attachment? The reality is, both are spam emails and both pose a serious threat to your business.

ProTech’s solution scans each email that comes into your network for malware and viruses. Emails that seem suspicious are flagged and placed in quarantine and must be manually removed to open.

While some spam may still slip through the cracks, you can be sure that you are much better off than before. And, if you’re concerned about those few that slip through, ProTech offers Security Awareness Training for your employees.

Email Encryption

Sometimes your email is meant for a specific party and doesn’t need to be viewed by anyone else. It may be personal information about employees that could prove costly if intercepted by a malicious hacker.

To keep that private information from being seen by the wrong eyes, our solution allows for email encryption. You have the ability to choose which emails should be encrypted so that confidential content remains confidential.

Email archiving

There are some emails that you need to keep in a specific location to have for future reference. This information is often sensitive and confidential. Our email archiving is HIPAA compliant so it’s perfect for healthcare providers to keep important patient information.

Sensitive Information Protection

Sometimes employees make mistakes. They send information out to the wrong person; sometimes due to ignorance, and sometimes due to a missed keystroke. With ProTech’s solution you can be sure that sensitive information such as client details are never sent to someone that is not authorized to view them.

HIPAA compliance

Many of ProTech’s clients are in the healthcare field; so, we understand how important it is to maintain HIPAA compliance. Our solution is 100% HIPAA compliant. You can sleep easy knowing that your patient’s information is safe and secure.

Email is still the most widely used form of business communication. A lot of information flows in and out of your organization through employee inboxes. If you need a solution that can protect your network and your valuable information, contact ProTech today to learn more about our email security solutions. 


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Posted by Chelsea Nelson at 9:09 AM